Cartier Earrings has a long time history, Since ancient times, from guard to becoming ill fortune, from the pursuit of wisdom to chase fashion, from the control “lowly slaves” to the women went to trendy fashion men going through ancient earrings, across time and space, continue to issue permanent ‘Hang the sparkling light’ Mans. “Earrings origins”, mainly the following statement:

1, wearing fake cartier love earrings and old fans ‘letters about the legendary magic’ ghosts and other demon spirits always want to go to ‘the people’ body, occupy people ‘body, so the people’ out of all possible orifices on the body have to be special guardian. The earring is worn on the ear lucky ‘transport operators.

2, in the ‘country of ancient, piercings wearing replica cartier love gold rings have been the “humble” sign. Ming Dynasty “Stay Green Day Sapporo,” a book, said: “Women piercings, earrings belt cover since ancient times, those things is cheap.” Initially the original meaning of body piercing is not that decoration, but to play action alert. It is a custom of the people of the brothers’ family, because some women are too active, unwilling to keep living, someone will come up in the woman’s ear tie on a hole, and beads hanging on the ear, in order to remind them of life behave, act with caution . Then gradually turned into a Chinese ‘tribe rituals. But at that time the woman on the move piercings, does not so keen as women today, but in being ‘forced position. To the Song and Ming Dynasties, due to the rise of ideas of propriety, women body piercing wind, unprecedented popularity; not that women in general, and even the queen, concubines no exception. Over time, they formed a ring to wear body piercing trend.

3, some tribes in the world, the long-eared’ hanging is a symbol of beauty. Girls begin piercing childhood, with age, with more heavy cartier love earrings replica. So ear ‘vertical pull more longer. If the ear ‘weeping because he could not bear the burden of prolonged rupture Unfortunately, all her beauty followed immediately broken. For men, the ear is the center of wisdom, wise man must have big ears, heavy ear earrings will ‘hang pull down so that it becomes longer, the relative who has become wiser.

4, the first man with earrings are sailors. They believe piercing can not protect them from drowning. Men wear cartier love bracelet after not just sailors, because men wearing earrings are considered with ‘sex symbol of love, but also generated a lot of jargon, such as the left ear wearing earrings generation’ table with ‘homosexuality, the right ear wearing earrings bisexual, and so on. With the popularity of rock and roll singer, men wearing earrings completely lose ‘