I do not know Mary read from which fortune-telling book, It said If her can receive a Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica from boy before this birthday, she will always be happy.

Birthday party she really wore a ring, very delicate look. Mary very proud to tell me and Kate, This is bought for her when her father went to Beijing visite friends.pay by private money so her mother did not know it. There are some trance at that moment, imagine a middle-aged man who too poor to buy a gold-plated wedding ring to his wife 20 years ago,Now he has to be in front of gold and silver jewelry counter, carefully selected, only to meet the daughter of a girlish childish wish.

A frown father I can imagine sitting on the train, in addition to close with a fake van cleef & arpels jewelry, it made no money to buy a gift, and the heart but without some of these will be to blame his wife’s anxiety, because the care of his daughter from He said that even if it is a trivial sense of loss of damage. this is enough to make mary British pride, but also I was moved.

At this monment Kate said with a smile how Mary like a child. I understanding Kate, she is undoubtedly the most precocious among the three of us.Her mother sudden death in her junior high school.It is a big blow to her heart and also eternal wounds. Kate to be stronger than anyone imagined, which may be affected by her father who is a military. Kate`s family tradition is strict,Her father always take army discipline standard.and sometimes looks unreasonable, such as after his mother died, his father even do not allowed Kate with a black sleeves.let alone a replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. it sounds up somewhat cruel, but it also does to help Kate quickly out from grief

Kate said she always remembered her father said a word – The Best remembered of dead is live well every time.When she remembered her mother she will think of this sentence at the same time.