Replica Cartire jewelry is a hundred years old. In the last century was born, is the founder of a named Louis Francois Cartier young boy, full of passion, love craft alive, and have sensitive business to.

His art for technicians Adolphe Picard door. This is a stern old man, dealing with life and jewelry, childless, one day he put Mr. Cartier to call him, said to him, one day he will soon in the world, after the death of hope Mr. Cartier took over his jewelry workshop. Soon after it died, Mr. Cartier justifiably take jewelry square, and renamed Cartier”. From a ring from the hundred years brand was born.

From the date of taking over, Mr. Cartier has been planning a series of developments in the business of wealthy people. Take the noble line, the main consumer group of the royal family, the children of the nobility and the rich. These people often spend money like water, in Sharon, comparisons in vogue. Jewelry jade watches and the like, is a very big demand.

And on the quality, Mr. Cartier emphasizes excellence. Only the best things to remain immortal, and warmly pursued. And he used a precious stones, fine carving, one by one, like art pieces on display in the shop window, attracted a lot of people stop to watch, a tut praise. People who just started to see an unusually large number, but really have the ability to buy a little less. So he thought will lend the precious when a called Babic nobility, his family has female beginning grow, beautiful flower is in the ball most remarkable woman.

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